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Professional career based in excellence and good work .

SIGLO XXI CONSORCIO is based in Spain and is dedicated to:

Port civil engineering works
Advanced technological services in health and tourism
Multidisciplinary international consultancy

The projection of port Infrastructures of SIGLO XXI HC7 CONSORCIO stands outsignificantly in local and international market.

Message from the Chairman of the Governing Council.

As a company focused on planning management services to satisfy the demand of the local and foreign market, we exist with a fundamental purpose: to give priority to the communication with our customers, having the right solution for each of their needs.

Since our foundation, we have always been a different company. One of our priorities is growing without losing efficiency and immediacy.


Mission, view and values


Collaborate with members inside the value chain of the port sector, seeking business opportunities in national and international market, and promote the R+D+I cooperation. To promote actions of sustainability and environmental respect.


Placing the port sector of theCanary Islands in a leadership position at South West Africa Space market and rest of the country.


We have human and business valutes that define ourgoodwork sharing excellence, knowledge and social commitment with the Community.

SIGLO XXI CONSORCIO is sustainable

The Ethic code SXXI Consorcio constitutes a Guide of Conduct Guidelines for our human team and fortherelationship with personnel, suppliers and clients, as well as with community in each process. Compliance with them will enhance our reputation as local and international business leaders.

Faith in private companies as the engine of the economy and source of prosperity.
Respect for current legislation.
Sensitivity towards social deficiencies and action based on criteria of professional ethics, guidelines of our behavior.
The permanent attention to the demands of services that society claims, fundamental axis of ourbusiness project.
The satisfaction of our clients with the committed quality, objective of our services.
The vocation for creative innovation and leadership, features of our culture.
The maintenance of economic solvency and the effective management of our resources, the basis of our economic project and guarantee of its continuity
Co-responsibility in management and the delegation of functions are the basis of our management style.
The training and development of our workers; actives forreconciling work life with family life and respect for the principle of equality, pillars of our Human Resources policy.
The respect to the environment.

Competence of the company

The financing division is in charge of analyzing each possible project, carrying out a preliminary diagnosis that determines itsownfinancial resources.

Then, depending on the place and theprivate and public entities involved, the possible external sources of financing and the application stages are studied.

We work with private funding sources in Europe and the USA.

The sources of public financing are submitted are maily at Europe.


The design and construction of Infrastructures requires that our human teambecome an integrated actor, withparticipation in the prior planning, in the execution of the works, their maintenance and operation.

The integration of modules isone of themostimportant assets of SIGLO XXI Consorcio; allows to generate synergies in each stage, with the active participation of the civil construction, industrial and facilities sectors, offering solutions with greater added value.

The experience accumulated in the sector of construction and operation of infrastructures in the international market is one of our strengths.

Construction and Works

The privileged geographical location of the Canary Islands makes them a magnificent business platform for commercial, logistics, and technology services, that are integrated into the main international trade routes. This circumstance allows an investor to approach strategic projects in the South West Africa Space from the Canary Islands with the legal certainty that comes withhaving the European legal system.

Since the Port Infrastructures are a strategic enclave in the social and economic development of the coast countries, port units are managed to créate local addedvaluebypromoting native employment and entry of foreign currency.

A planned management towards the satisfaction of the foreign market, promotes the capture of international traffic and activities, reducing costs for port operators, diversifying services and streamlining their port stay.


Network of National and International Collaborators.

Port sector companies and other public entities have been involved in one way or another in the development of international projects.

Essentially in port infrastructure and industrial economic activities and/or based in the ports, without leaving aside other projects and actions in the field of territorial planning, the development of telecommunications and the tourist industry.

Grupo Fuertes El Pozo: Global food producer, manufacturer and supplier.

Saarema Inversiones: Investment property.  

ThaiCan Rice Thailandia: Food producers and exporters.

MER Group Israel: Port Telecommunications Systems.

Astilleros Astican: Repair and transformation of naval units. Specialized in oil & gas sector.

ACS Dinsa: Data Center and Port Management Informatics

Fast Power Solar HK: Manufacturer of active solar units.

Berenguer Ingenieros: Design of commercial ports.


Operating Divisions

Luis Hernandez Perez



Jose Miguel Pintado

General Direction

Joga Civil Engineer and Economist.

Francisco Alcázar Leguizamón

Vice President

Technical Engineer in Telecommunications.

Luis V. Santana Ríos

Technical General Direction

Civil Engineer

José Manuel Arnaiz Bra

Commercial Management

Civil Engineer.

Liliana Brusco Expósito


Marketing and Communication.

José Luís Rodriguez Ramirez

Technology Management

Telecommunications Engineer.

Manuel Poladura de Armas

Director Cool Point Canarias

Commercial Engineer.

Andrés Mora

Management Senior

SXXI CoolPoint Tourist services


Fernando Camargo Galván

Management Senior

Medical Care Health service

Jose Luz Jiménez Sánchez

ObreLan Construction and alteration services

Lara Pizzolato


Beauty Esthetic and beauty treatment.

Participated works

In accordance with the international commitments signed by Spain and Europe, our company plans the work taking in account the possible

incidents that may affect the communities of the region.

The environmental impact to the use of existing infrastructures is studiated also.

Likewise, the population increase that will be caused by the Works.

Arinaga Port dike extension. Canary Islands

The target of thisproject consists of an expansion of the port, which would increase the economic development of the southern part of the island with the different traffic expected with the expansion.

The selected solution consists of the continuation of the existing embankment dike for 480 meters, then a vertical dike of 1,128 meters and a counter dike of 1,180 meters. The docks willhave a berthing length of 3,000 meters, with a minimum depth of 14 meters throughout the port.

Las Palmas Port dike extension. Canary Islands

The Reina Sofía dikemeasure more thanfourkilometers long, this work was necessary in the port of La Luz and Las Palmas at theend of the 1960s. Several extensions mark its chronology, although it can be defined as an unfinished work. Today oil platforms, large bulk carriers dock there and shiprepair is located at its start.

Assistance terminal forShip and BulkProbes at sea in Porto Amboim

After a deep commercial and maritime technical study, the need for an internationally certified terminal isconcluded, which together with the ports of the Canary Islands can allow both to act in tandem of the world trade of the South Atlantic along the coast of western Africa.

It is intended with private and public funds from the E.U. build a terminal 3.5km long and 2.5km fromthecoast of Porto Amboim in order to provide container traffic services, bulk and technical assistance and supplies to ships that sail the South Atlantic.

Different short-range boats will have technical assistance at competitive prices that will unite the country of the south with the north.

Different short-range boats will have technical assistance at competitive prices that will unite the country of the south with the north.


The Total Investment includes the dike, the docks and places forShipRepair, and the docks forbulk. Alsotheaccess road to the port and the ZAL.

  • Total Investment: US$427,347,452
  • Number of Phases: 1
  • Years of each phase: 5 years

Dealer Income

From year 1 to year 5, they are notconsidered income. At the beginning of year 6, we have revenues from platform repair traffic, revenue from the area occupied by workshops, and alsothosederived from liquid bulk traffic. At full production we will have oil platforms docked and anchored. Also supplier type ships docked and in dry dock.

  • Platforms under repair at berth
  • Platforms in dry dock
  • Platforms at anchor
  • Ship suppliers at berth
  • Supplier vessels in dry dock

Maintenance and operating expenses

Labour: A total staff has beenassumed between Management, Administration, Maintenance and Operations Technicians, and surveillance personnel in the port service area. The total grossannual cost with average SS per person is also estimated

  • Staff of 180 persons
  • Average annual gross cost perperson US$ 20,000 per year 3,600 thousand US$

Maintenance and operating expenses

Financing cost.

5.00% Surplus Remuneration 0.50% Interest taxes on financing 1.0% Min. Cash (Construction) 1,000 Min. Cash (Operation) 1,000.


  • Own resources by paid-up share capital
  • External Resources for Bank Credits



Canary Islands Office

St. Nestor de La Torre Nº 3, 1º floor, Room A Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 35006 Spain


Madrid Office

Calle Marquez de la Ensenada 14 Madrid City 28004 Spain


Angola Office

Rua Nossa Senhora da Muxima 22, Andar 3 Barrio de Kinaxixe Luanda City Republic of Angola

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